Counsel – When your business needs in house counsel or a critical friend

Leadership in business is a lonely place. Making decisions and judgements is difficult when you don’t know all the risks. Sometimes you just need a second opinion. You don’t have to agree, but you will make better decisions.

Many large businesses have a General Counsel who performs this role. Other businesses may have trusted lawyers, accountants or non-executive directors who play the role of critical friend. But most businesses and employers don’t.

We can help with that. We believe in being candid, but with absolute confidentiality. You can share your plans and proposals with us, without needing to worry about the security of that knowledge and information, and we will tell you exactly what we think.

To us, providing counsel does not mean “coaching”, “mentoring” or even “counselling”, it means giving an opinion and sharing the benefit of our experience and knowledge to help you make better informed decisions.

We can also act as an outsourced part-time General Counsel to your business, if that is what your business needs.

Our principle consultant, Matt Huddleson, has over 10 years of business experience, having held multiple directorships and governance roles as well and management positions with budget responsibility.