Questions and Answers – How does it work?

What is a is a “legal and management consultancy”?

We provide businesses and employers with both legal advice and risk-based guidance, to help them manage and navigate the risks and challenges they face. We know that sounds a little vague, but that’s because it has a wide application.

We are not a traditional management consultancy. The “management consultancy” part of our service is not separate or distinct from the “legal consultancy” part. We provide consultancy services to the managers and leaders of businesses and employers, in the context of the legal risks and challenges they navigate on a daily basis. Our aim is to help leaders run their own business as safely as they want, or take the risks they want with a better understanding of what they are getting into, and to protect them from both obvious problems and unseen risks.

Why are we different from a law firm? (or, why aren’t we a law firm?)
How are we different from a law firm?
How can we engage a barrister if we aren’t a law firm?
Does being unregulated mean that our standards are lower?
Are we insured?
What if you need help in an area that we aren’t experienced in?
Who do we work with?
How do we charge?
You are looking for a new adviser. Will we pitch for the work?

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