Advocacy – Representation, support and protection

Sometimes you just need somebody to be on your side.

To us, advocacy doesn’t just mean representing you in a legal sense, it means being on your side for whatever challenge or battle you face.

If you or your business needs support in relation to a negotiation, mediation, or dispute, then we can help with that.

Advocacy is based on trust. If there is trust between us, we can fight for you (while privately also providing you with the advice and counsel you need), which means that you do not have to bear the pressure of the challenge on your own.

We do represent businesses and employers in employment tribunal proceedings, although other types of Court representation are “reserved” for regulated solicitors and barristers. But don’t worry, because being on your side means that we will help you engage and manage those other legal representatives.

Our principle consultant, Matt Huddleson, has been representing businesses and employers in legal proceedings and negotiations for two decades.