About Zeamos (pronounced zee-moss) and our Values

Zeamos is a legal and management consultancy, providing businesses and employers with legal advice and guidance outside of the regulation of the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

The “management consultancy” part of our service is not separate or distinct from the “legal consultancy” part. We provide consultancy services to the managers and leaders of businesses and employers, in the context of the legal risks and challenges they navigate on a daily basis. Our aim is to help leaders run their own business confidently, and protect them from both obvious problems and unseen risks.

We are not a law firm or a firm of solicitors, and we do not want to be known as such.

Our advisers are called “legal consultants”, even if they are qualified and still personally hold a practicing certificate.

We don’t mind. We want to be modern and not bogged-down in the traditions of the legal profession which, let’s face it, doesn’t always get the best reviews.

And we are proud to be part of a growing trend of legal consultancy business who have chosen to operate outside of the grip of professional regulation, for the same or similar reasons as we have.

We believe that being a legal and management consultancy enables us to better serve the interests of our clients and provides us with more freedom to support business clients in the way they really need, delivered in a cost effective way.

Zeamos is committed to only working with ethical businesses. We are also committed to the absolute highest standards of confidentiality, data protection and information security, and business ethics.

Zeamos is opposed to the pricing strategy used by the vast majority of the legal sector, and firmly believes in fair pricing for high quality legal services. Irrespective of what the market is charging for its services, Zeamos is committed to charging what it should, not what it can.

We do not handle client money, and we do not do any of the following:

  • Court advocacy (but we do employment tribunal advocacy);
  • Conduct of Court litigation (not including employment tribunal litigation, which we do);
  • Probate, Conveyancing and Transfer of Property activities;
  • Notarising or Administration of Oaths.

We are not permitted to advise on matters in the list above because they are “reserved” to regulated law businesses. It just wouldn’t be…. legal.  But we can handle employment litigation and advocacy in the employment tribunal because that is “non-reserved”, and it is in fact an area of specialism for us.

In addition, we do not advise on tax arrangements, crypto-currencies, financial advice generally, immigration matters, or pensions (but we can bring in advisers who do).