Advice – Legal Advice for business and employers

We advise UK-based employers and businesses, and protect and guide them through the risks and challenges of operating under UK law.

Our focus is primarily on helping businesses navigate UK employment regulations and laws, and our aim is always to help you find a way of achieving those objectives that are in the wider interests of your business.

We can advise on and prepare legal documents and correspondence, handle negotiations on your behalf, and recommend appropriate legal mechanisms to implement practical arrangements.

When needed we provide strategic, tactical, or creative advice to help achieve your business and commercial aims, while at the same time balancing the risk of legal expectations.

We do also provide some commercial and general business law advice, particularly if it relates to a business’ operations, production or resource – but we will bring in other specialist advisers for matters that our outside of our area of expertise.

Examples of the types of situation we typically advise on include:

  • Organisational changes / staff reorganisation projects; outsourcing and staff/TUPE transfers;
  • Staff confidentiality and data protection;
  • Board level disputes and governance;
  • Defending or avoiding employment litigation;
  • Complex disputes (or potential disputes) and investigations;
  • Enhanced severance deals, settlement agreement and senior executive exits;

Our principle consultant, Matt Huddleson, has over 20 years’ experience working with businesses and employers, advising and protecting the against legal risks.

(note – we do not advise on pensions, immigration or tax arrangements, but we have specialist contacts who can help)